SMG Templates

The World Bank Scaling Mini-Grid (SMG) templates are being made available to sector stakeholders for their use in an effort to contribute to the development of the clean mini-grid market and energy access globally. These have been developed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in close coordination with the World Bank and the Multilateral International Guarantee Agency (MIGA). They also have benefitted from extensive market consultations and reviews from donors, financiers and developers. They include:

- Concession Agreement Term Sheet
- Concession Agreement Template
- Concession Agreement User Guide
- Grant Agreement Template
- Minimum Revenue Guarantee Term Sheet
- Request for Prequalification (RFQ) Template
- RFQ Appendix - Financial Qualification Spreadsheet Template
- Request for Proposals (RFP) Template
- RFP Annex - Bid Input Sheet
- RFP Annex - Technical and Service Standards Compliance Form

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