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IFC has decades of experience in financing, structuring, and leading complex energy transactions in emerging markets, with more than 50 gigawatts of energy generation financed to date. We are a leading financier of low-cost renewable energy—we have funded projects with a generation capacity of more than 8 gigawatts in hydropower, 6 gigawatts in solar energy, and 5 gigawatts in wind energy. IFC also finances transmission, distribution, storage, and other energy infrastructure and is a leader in advancing energy innovation, supporting and accelerating the introduction of new products and technologies in developing countries.

IFC can provide and mobilize senior debt with long maturities, fixed or floating rates, local currencies and flexible amortization profiles, and subordinated debt with terms tailored to meet project needs. We have significant expertise in project finance, having financed many landmark energy projects in developing countries, and also support our clients through corporate finance facilities. IFC can provide green and sustainability-linked financing and implementation support.

IFC can also provide up to 20 percent of the equity invested in a project or company, and on a selective basis, start-up equity, collaboration, and co-development assistance for early-stage project development.

Drawing from in-house technical expertise, we provide advice on engineering, environmental standards, public-private partnerships (PPPs), risk management, and more. We also draw on extensive knowledge of local markets and new technologies and have a successful track record in markets undergoing reform.

The World Bank Group at COP26

The Power to Transform:
Leveraging Private Sector for the Energy Transition

This event focused on financial innovation which is central to unlocking private capital to support the energy transition in developing economies and reduce the cost of capital. As part of a panel discussion, private sector leaders, investors and financiers discussed how innovative financial instruments, such as sustainability-linked financings or other sustainable finance instruments, can help in this context. The panel also shared lessons learned to date, reviewed market trends and discussed the risks of “green washing”.


The impact of IFC clients in the energy sector in FY2022:






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