IFC offers long-term financing and industry-leading expertise to develop infrastructure projects that provide essential services — including electricity, telecommunications, transportation, water and sanitation — in partnership with the private sector.

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As part of the World Bank Group, IFC works with governments and development partners to create a business environment that attracts private capital to infrastructure sectors.

The impact of IFC clients in Infrastructure in 2021

  • 181 K
    Jobs supported
  • 58.8 M
    People supplied with power
  • 1.9 M
    People supplied with water
  • 17.5 M
    Airport passengers reached

At a Glance

In FY22, our new long-term investments in infrastructure totaled about $3 billion, including nearly $1.4 billion mobilized from other investors.

Areas of Focus

Sustainable infrastructure is critical for addressing developmental challenges in emerging markets.


IFC forms strategic partnerships with cities around the world to offer solutions in areas such as urban transport, street lighting, affordable housing, energy efficiency, and climate resilience.


IFC finances electricity generation, transmission and distribution projects across a range of technologies, with an emphasis on low-cost renewable energy.

Metals and Mining

IFC has decades of experience in mining, providing finance and sustainable business solutions including environmental and social risk mitigation, advice on community engagement, and implementation of shared-use infrastructure.

Sustainable Finance in Infrastructure

IFC brings unrivaled expertise for such financing, leveraging in-house knowledge on climate and social issues, access to blended finance and local currencies, and funding for pre-investment work.

Sustainable Infrastructure Advisory

In addition to financing, IFC offers advisory services to help companies increase benefits to the communities where they operate, including through supply chains and royalty payments.

Telecoms, Media & Technology

IFC is a leader in the Telecoms, Media and Technology sector in emerging markets globally, building critical infrastructure, financing companies and helping close the digital divide.


IFC investments help modernize ports, airports, roads, railways and other transportation infrastructure that can bolster international trade, create jobs and reduce urban congestion.

Waste Management

IFC is a leading investor in the waste management sector. With extensive experience across the entire waste management value chain, IFC provides solutions in waste collection and transfer, material and energy recovery from waste, and dumpsite and landfill remediation, among other waste management solutions.


IFC is a leading investor in the water sector, with extensive experience in preparing, structuring, and financing complex projects in emerging markets.