Latin America and the Caribbean

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Income inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean remains high, despite significant progress the region has made in reducing poverty over the past few years. IFC works to foster inclusive growth, boost innovation, and strengthen regional integration.

At a Glance

In the fiscal year ended in June 2023, our long-term investments in the region totaled about $9.5 billion, including $5.6 billion mobilized from other investors. Our clients provided nearly 9.3 million loans to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, totaling about $80 billion.

Impact of IFC clients in 2022

  • 568 K
    Jobs created via direct investments
  • 149 K
    Jobs created by fund investee companies
  • 2.61 B
    In payments to governments as results of IFC direct investments
  • 837 M
    In payments to governments by Fund Investee Companies

Areas of Focus

Fostering inclusion, boosting innovation, and strengthening regional integration are some of IFC's priorities in Latin America and the Caribbean. We also help countries tackle climate change.

Access to Finance

IFC works with nearly 200 financial intermediaries in Latin America and the Caribbean to close the credit gap for micro, small, and medium entrepreneurs.


By scaling up investments across the agribusiness supply chain—from farm to retail—we are helping boost production, and improve logistics and distribution.

Expanding Affordable Education

IFC is the largest multilateral investor in tertiary private education in emerging markets. Access to education creates opportunities for high quality jobs.



In LAC, we work with partners in the private sector to close gender gaps and improve women’s access to assets and more and better jobs.


IFC helps develop infrastructure projects that improve people's lives, with an emphasis on power, utilities and transportation.

Public-Private Partnerships

IFC is a pioneer in supporting public-private partnerships across Latin America to help meet the demands of a growing urban middle class.

Renewable Energy

Our focus has been on supporting renewable energy, such as hydropower, wind and solar energy projects, which help mitigate or adapt to climate change.