Demand for higher education is soaring. IFC focuses on supporting tertiary education in low- and middle-income countries to reach more students and help them acquire the relevant skills to find good jobs. This includes supporting appropriate new technologies and digitalization in education delivery models for improving the reach and quality of higher education and opportunities for lifelong learning.

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To advance Sustainable Development Goal 4 in higher education, IFC is hosting its 9th Global Education Conference on March 6-7, 2024, in Mexico City, where we explore the private sector’s role in promoting digital innovation, new operating models, and learning solutions to ensure higher education students in low- and middle-income countries can succeed in today’s competitive labor market. Learn more and register today.

Focus Areas


IFC's helps universities create a customized strategy for digitalization, integrating global best practices, decision-making frameworks, and potential financing opportunities to thrive in a digital world.


To help young adults flourish during times of change and increased digitalization, IFC helps institutions better match the skills they teach to the demands of the labor market, while preparing students for the global workforce of tomorrow.

Thought Leadership

IFC works to spread awareness of innovative strategies and industry best practices that can help post-secondary institutions fulfill their critical role in supporting global education goals.

Public Private Partnerships

IFC helps public tertiary institutions thrive by making use of the expertise and efficiency of the private sector. We help governments raise capital and spur development. 


Insights & Reports


Stories of Impact