Demand for higher education is soaring. IFC focuses on supporting tertiary education in low- and middle-income countries to reach more students and help them acquire the relevant skills to find good jobs. This includes financing appropriate new technologies and promoting digitalization in education delivery models for improving the reach and quality of education and opportunities for lifelong learning.

IFC’s financing includes both direct investment (loans and equity) and mobilization of third-party capital.  Our financing supports sustainable and impactful projects that expand access and improve quality including in post-secondary education, early childhood education, edtech, technical and vocational training, skilling, reskilling, and other educational models to people in low- and middle-income countries. IFC does not fund fee charging private K-12 schools.

Impact of IFC Clients:

  • $3.1 + billion invested since 2000
  • 606,890 students reached in 2022
  • 315,759 female students reached in 2022

At a Glance

Over the past 25 years, IFC has invested over $3.1 billion in innovative education solutions to support building the human capital that allow people and economies to thrive. 

IFC has committed to a three-year growth strategy in private-sector education, significantly raising its annual financial commitment, with the expectation that education will be a $10 trillion global industry by 2030. With a $543 million education portfolio, IFC works with stakeholders to boost industry ties, support the growth of education technology businesses, and elevate public-private collaboration in education delivery.  

Focus Areas

Digitalization & EdTech

Discover how IFC is driving the transformation of tertiary education through digitalization and EdTech. Learn about our initiatives to make learning accessible, promote inclusive education, and equip students for the digital workforce.


Jobs are at the center of IFC’s education strategy, guiding partnerships with higher education institutions across the globe. IFC champions employability by aligning education with labor market needs, driving economic growth, and preparing students for tomorrow's global workforce. 

Industry-Led Education

Technological evolution has resulted in a significant shift in the skills required by industries. IFC is uniquely positioned to catalyze the growth of industry-led training and education programs in partnership with education institutions or as stand-alone ventures.


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