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IFC has established a leading position promoting private sector investment in Africa. Over nearly six decades, IFC has invested more than $60 billion in African businesses and financial institutions, and our current portfolio exceeds $12 billion. 

We are a leading provider of advice to promote a sustainable private sector and mobilize capital from other investors who invest alongside IFC in critical sectors for Africa’s future. We are also deploying fast-track funding and advisory support to help African businesses weather the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At a Glance

In FY22, our long-term investments in Africa totaled about $5.2 billion, including $2.6 billion mobilized from other investors.

Our clients provided nearly 2.9 million loans to micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises, totaling about $12.5 billion. They cared for 9.5 million patients and generated and distributed power to 7.9 million people.

Impact of IFC clients in 2022

  • 347.2 K
    Jobs created via direct investments
  • 330.5 K
    Jobs created by fund investee companies
  • $ 1.14 B
    In payments to governments as results of IFC direct investments
  • 893 M
    in payments to governments by Fund Investee Companies

Areas of Focus

About 400 million people in sub-Saharan Africa live in extreme poverty. The region also has more conflict-affected countries than any other. IFC plays a comprehensive role here. We help businesses improve productivity and establish links to broader markets, expand financial and social inclusion, and boost prosperity in ways that help limit conflict.

Our investments across a range of sectors help drive the region’s development forward. We collaborate with other World Bank Group institutions to support agriculture, power, job creation, health, education, and capital markets. Our priorities include bridging the infrastructure gap, helping build productive industries, and fostering inclusive business approaches.


Recognizing that 60 percent of Africans derive their livelihoods from farming, IFC supports an improvement in agricultural yields and exports, and the modernization of the food sector.

Financial Inclusion

IFC helps our financial intermediary clients address their financing needs and offer know-how and tools to use capital to their best advantage.

Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations

Fragile does not mean futile — and though doing business and supporting development in FCS is more complex, the ultimate impact is often that much greater.

Construction workers at the Bovima farming project site near Fort Dauphin, Madagascar , Wednesday, 20 June 2018 .IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, today announced financing for Bovima, a greenfield slaughterhouse, feedlot and livestock farming project in southern Madagascar. The project will help Madagascar create a modern domestic market and export market for zebu beef and goat meat and improve the incomes of small livestock herders and farmers.IFC’s $7.0 million financing consists of a $3.5 million loan from IFC’s own account and another $3.5 million from the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program’s private sector window. The project is complemented by World Bank efforts to help develop the country’s livestock sector and improve supply chains. IFC’s advisory services are helping the company develop technical capacity. Photo/Karel Prinsloo/IFC


IFC aims to help Africa build a modern economy with ports, railways, telecoms, and power by attracting private expertise, management and finance while maintaining the right balance between private and public interests.



IFC works with private sector partners to create economic opportunities — and remove barriers — for women and women-run businesses across Africa. 

Acacia tree surrounded by grassland in Western Kenya. Photo: William Llewelyn Davies/IFC

Tourism, Retail, and Property

IFC focuses on key industries that form the foundation of sustainable growth and that provide affordable goods and services to consumers, create jobs, contribute to government revenue, and stimulate the growth of local small and medium enterprises.

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The largest annual gathering of the private sector in Africa was held in Kigali, Rwanda on the 16 & 17 May.

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