Creative Industries

The Creative Industries can play a significant role in promoting more resilient and prosperous economies, address social and income inequalities and boost innovation, particularly in emerging markets and vulnerable countries. The creative economy is $2 trillion in size, providing significant revenue for small businesses and employment opportunities, especially for women and youth. Creative Industries also account for nearly 50 million jobs worldwide, according to UN estimates. About half of these workers are women, and these industries employ more people aged 15-29 than any other sector.

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The sector has an important economic multiplier effect where $1 spent creates $2.5 of wealth for the economy. Creative Industries represent up to 2-7% of GDP where they are most developed and are likely to be an important driver of economic growth as governments increase their focus on the sector. 

Key Sector Trends and Milestones

  • $2 trillion Global annual revenue
  • ~50 million Jobs supported worldwide
  • $131 billion Projected music revenue in 2030
  • $2 trillion Market size of fashion

At a Glance

Creative Industries have a multidimensional development impact directly contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals by generating jobs and fostering economic growth, while promoting gender equality, reducing disparities, and encouraging responsible consumption.  It is regarded as one of the world’s fastest growing sectors and could account for 10 percent of global GDP before 2030.

IFC provides pre-investment support to develop the Creative Industries by assisting early-stage project development to become bankable. IFC provides technical assistance to help financiers develop the necessary operational capacity required to cater to the Creative Industries. Additionally, IFC partners with incubators that offer business development assistance tailored to the Creative Industries. 
IFC also advises governments on the policy framework to support Creative Industries in emerging markets to maximize their contribution to economic growth and bridge the gap with developed markets. IFC’s scope of work encompasses a wide range of activities, including intellectual property, copyright regulations, taxation, and various incentives. 
Areas of Focus

IFC’s comprehensive approach supports investment in creative industries across 4 key verticals

Audio Visual Media

IFC leverages its extensive array of partnerships to drive investments in studio infrastructure, production, post-production and distribution across key segments such as film, music, streaming , animation, virtual reality, visual effect, sports and entertainment, multi-play services.


IFC forges strategic collaborations with apparel and footwear retailers and manufacturers, ecommerce platforms, home wear and jewelry retailers, skill acquisition and higher education institutions to drive innovation in fashion.

Creator Economy & Disruptive Tech

IFC recognizes technology as a force to catalyze growth in the creative industries. IFC supports technologies and platforms that help creators create, grow their audience, monetize and manage their businesses.

Financing the Creative Industries through other financial institutions

IFC can finance the Creative Industries by providing credit lines to Partner Financial Intermediaries, trade finance to ecommerce platforms or educational finance to develop local talent, and by providing unfunded Risk Sharing Facilities to financiers to mitigate their portfolio risk.