Sector Overview | Telecoms, Media & Technology

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IFC’s Expertise in the TMT Sector

  • For over 20 years IFC has been a leader in the Telecoms, Media and Technology (TMT) sector in emerging markets, building digital infrastructure, connecting the unconnected, and bridging the digital divide with total investments in the sector of over US$10.5 billion.
  • IFC’s primary focus is on the development of mobile telephony, telecommunication towers, broadband networks, data centers and satellite sectors. This digital infrastructure underpins smart infrastructure, smart cities, e-government, health, education, and e-commerce and the economy in general.
  • IFC has a broad range of products, including senior debt, mezzanine, equity, mobilization, project finance in a variety of currencies, together with a deep experience and expertise in project structuring. IFC tailors its solutions to the development needs of our private sector clients.
  • IFC is the first mover in many geographies and sectors that have been considered too risky by others, thereby creating a strong demonstration effect on other players and a catalyzing effect on sector reforms and market development.