Sector Overview | Sustainable Infrastructure Advisory

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Sustainable Infrastructure Advisory Expertise

The Sustainable Infrastructure (SI) Advisory team helps increase benefits to local communities and address sustainability challenges. We offer a range of solutions aimed at mitigating social and environmental risks and at ensuring that development benefits are shared locally, specifically with women and youth.

  • Strategic Community Investment: Helps clients design local benefit strategies that increase effectiveness of community investments and build social license to operate.
  • Local Economic Development: Helps develop supply chains and build capacity of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for greater local benefit sharing.
  • Water Stewardship: Establishes stakeholder partnerships to collectively address social risks related to water.
  • Transparency, Data & Voice: Catalyzes multi-stakeholder dialogue and engagement among industry, government, and local leaders to improve transparency.
  • Government Capacity Building: Improve governance by building the capacity of municipalities and local leaders and help them engage effectively.
  • Gender: Develop opportunities to increase gender equality in operations by strengthening the capacity of clients, communities, and project teams to implement gender smart solutions.
  • Online platform for best practices and community-industry links, featuring multimedia content by the World Bank Group and partners.