Sector Overview | Urban Infrastructure

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How IFC Can Help

Cities are drivers of growth. Across the world, we are witnessing unprecedented urbanization and impacts from climate change and disruptive technology. Cities need to be livable, inclusive, and offer efficient services including transport, housing, clean water and sanitation. They need to attract businesses, offer jobs, and provide an improved quality of life to citizens.

  • IFC builds long-term partnerships to help mayors and municipal leaders address implementation and efficiency challenges related to urban transport, water and waste management, health, education, street lighting, smart city development, energy efficiency and climate resilience with private sector involvement.
  • Drawing on our global network, IFC mobilizes commercial financing for priority projects, connects cities with capital markets and helps diversify their investor base. We leverage World Bank and private sector expertise and offer project structuring and development support for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) as well as community outreach and capacity building to facilitate implementation of infrastructure projects.
  • IFC is uniquely positioned to support cities through direct engagement with municipalities, subnational companies and private sector solutions providers.