IFC Hospital Quality Tool

A new tool provided by IFC to help emerging market hospitals and clinics raise the standards of quality at their facilities across all areas.


The Challenge

When a passenger boards an airplane, they have a reasonable expectation of arriving safely at their destination. When a patient enters a hospital or clinic, they should have the same expectation. Unfortunately, statistics show that the hospital experience for a patient might be more like a bungee jump than a flight in terms of health risk. Many studies have highlighted how poor quality leads to additional costs, unnecessary suffering, and potential death. Many hospitals in all parts of the world, even advanced economies, sometimes fail to follow established processes for patient safety, exposing their patients—and their professional reputations—to unnecessary risk.

The Solution

IFC has developed a Quality Tool to help clients improve patient safety and align with current best practices. IFC aims to expand the impact of the Quality Tool by offering clients a new advisory ‘full service’ suite of products that can support those using the Tool each step of the way toward improved quality and other associated services (for example, process improvement).

The Reward

The purpose of the Quality Tool is to help hospitals or clinics take the first steps on the path to quality improvement and embed quality into the culture of the organization. Implemented correctly, the Tool can help achieve better patient safety, clinical quality, and care outcomes. When ready, entities are encouraged to pursue one or more of the existing accreditations. The Quality Tool doesn’t seek to replicate excellent existing accreditation systems.

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