Healthy Culture: How to Balance Blame-free with Accountability

December 14, 2021

A well-balanced culture of accountability is important for the implementation of quality standards in clinics and hospitals. At some medical facilities, staff are afraid to make and admit mistakes, and these cannot then be analyzed. Others nurture openness, but blame-free should not be the same as responsibility-free.

In this IFC webinar you can learn:

  • How to shift from a shame-and-blame to a just-and-safe culture
  • Who is accountable for an error: staff or system
  • How encourage staff to speak up and create openness
  • How to ensure respect for each other, regardless of position


  • Gunnar Németh, PhD, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board at Stockholm Center for Spine Surgery, Europe
  • Eric Woo, ECRI’s Regional Director, Asia Pacific Region
  • Dr. Olujimi Coker, CEO of Lagoon Hospitals, Lagos, Nigeria