IFC’s ESG Performance Indicators for Capital Markets

Efficient and transparent markets help drive sustainable private sector-led economic development in emerging markets.

Reliable ESG data and analysis are critical to developing investment strategies in emerging markets that integrate ESG issues. However, the quality and type of ESG data captured and analyzed for emerging markets issuers varies greatly – making it difficult for investors to understand ESG risks and assess impact performance.

IFC’s ESG Performance Indicators are a sustainability data framework aimed at reducing the ESG data reporting burden and enhancing sustainability reporting in emerging capital markets. The Indicators are based on IFC’s Environmental and Social Performance Standards and Corporate Governance Methodology – two globally recognized ESG risk assessment and management standards.

The Indicators are organized by institution type (financial institutions and corporates) and ESG issues (environmental and social; and corporate governance). IFC’s ESG Performance Indicators may be applied entirely using publicly available information.