Focus Area


IFC forges strategic collaborations with apparel and footwear retailers and manufacturers, e-commerce marketplaces, homewear and jewelry retailers, skill development and higher education institutions to drive innovation in fashion.

Illustration of a Colorful Clothing Store Interior with Various Garments on Display created with Generative AI technology

IFC recognizes fashion as a fast-growing, vibrant sector in the creative economy and its potential to create jobs and drive inclusion. Global population explosion, technological innovation, and a growth in disposable income of individuals could further drive this growth.   

IFC is forging key partnerships with relevant stakeholders to build a robust fashion ecosystem in emerging markets and expand opportunities for local creative talent and crafts.  Given the critical challenges that stall the growth of the fashion sector in emerging markets, IFC aims to empower fashion entrepreneurs with access to capital and international markets for their products.  

Our interventions include helping fashion businesses and creatives in emerging markets to improve and expand their operations, support the growth of online retail, and provide upskilling for the fashion industry workforce.    

Project Examples