Focus Area

Audio Visual Media

IFC leverages its extensive array of partnerships to drive investments in studio infrastructure, production, post-production, and distribution across key segments such as film, music, streaming, animation, virtual reality, visual effect, sports and entertainment, multi-play services. 

Young African American camera operator shooting on professional camera in dark studio

Creative content – whether in the form of film, animation, music, sports – stands out as a key growth driver in the creative industries. Innovation in technology has empowered creatives and businesses to diversify their offerings, meet the growing demand for creative content and expand their revenue streams. However, lack of production infrastructure, fragmented markets, persistent piracy problems and a yet to be developed ecosystem constitute a major hurdle for the sector. 

IFC aims to mobilize investment for content production and infrastructure development through partnership with international media organizations and independent production companies. In addition to financing, IFC is working with governments and policymakers to create a regulatory environment that supports intellectual property rights, innovation, and growth.

Project Examples