Global Map of Environmental and Social Risks in Agro-Commodity Production (GMAP)

The Global Map of Environmental & Social Risks in Agro-Commodity Production – GMAP – is an online tool based on a unique methodology aligned with the supply chain requirements of the IFC Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability. Using publicly available data, GMAP analyzes environmental and social supply chain risks for approximately 250 country-commodity combinations in emerging markets and facilitates rapid agro-commodity trade financing and sourcing decisions.

GMAP was originally piloted in 2013 and again in 2017, with feedback from both pilots incorporated into the update and expansion of GMAP to an online platform. As of May 2019, GMAP also integrates data from Sustainability Map, developed by International Trade Centre (ITC), allowing users to identify applicable certification schemes covering risks flagged in GMAP. Forthcoming planned upgrades include expanding data related to low income and fragile/conflict-affected countries.

You will find useful information on this page, including background documents explaining why GMAP was developed and its intended purpose, when to use GMAP, recordings of past webinars and a quick reference guide on how to use GMAP.

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