Focus Area

Mobilization Thought Leadership

Mobilization activities are at the core of IFC's mission. Development banks use the term “mobilization” when talking about attracting additional capital to supplement investments that we make from our own balance sheets.

Mobilization is one of two key tenets of our current IFC 3.0 strategy. As part of our recent capital increase, we have committed to our shareholders to grow annual mobilization activities to $23 billion per year by 2030.  

Innovative Mobilization Models 

To help us achieve an ambitious target, we are leaders in innovating new models for mobilization to unlock greater private financial flows to developing economies.

  • The portfolio syndications approach of the Managed Co-Lending Portfolio Program (MCPP) enables institutional investors to follow us automatically into investments wherever we go – including the world’s poorest and most fragile countries.
  • We’ve dramatically increased our usage of credit insurance to mobilize insurance companies on an unfunded basis and expand our ability to support entities in the financial sector.
  • To accompany local currency loans deployed from our own balance sheet, we are expanding our ability to mobilize partners alongside us in local currency syndications

Global Partnership Frameworks

IFC partners with our fellow development finance institutions to set standards that deepen cooperation and measure progress toward common objectives. 

  • Launched in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, the Master Cooperation Agreement (MCA) established the first standard for how development organizations jointly provide financing to businesses in developing economies.
  • In 2020, IFC and its partners launched the Joint Collaboration Framework Agreement (JCFA) to expand the MCA with new standards for co-lending to borrowers of any member, as well as upstream work to build a bigger pipeline of bankable projects.
  • The Global Emerging Markets (GEMs) Risk Database Consortium has developed world’s most comprehensive default and loss database for the emerging markets business of international financial institutions.

Mobilization Definitions & Reporting 

​Mobilization is a broad construct, with activities ranging from actively arranging finance for a specific investment opportunity, to policy reform which facilitates investment flows.

  • IFC has worked with its fellow development organizations on a set of global standards that govern how we define and publicly report on our mobilization activities.
  • Since 2017, at the request of the G-20, IFC has joined many of its counterparts to jointly publish an annual mobilization report, which aggregates the mobilization activities across more than 20 institutions.
  • In IFC’s annual results, we report our mobilization efforts as “IFC Core Mobilization.” We have instituted a rigorous internal process to collect and audit these figures, and we regularly share our reporting best practices with partners.