Syndicated Loans and Mobilization

At IFC, we attract partners to invest alongside us as we provide capital to companies in developing countries—a process we call "mobilization." IFC’s loan syndications program is the oldest and largest mobilization platform for debt investing among multilateral development banks.

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By mobilizing capital, we amplify the positive impact of our financing on the lives of people in developing countries.

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$97 Billion

mobilized in debt financing

Our Approach

We leverage IFC’s global expertise, local knowledge, and long track record of responsible investing to attract partners to lend alongside us to companies in developing countries.

  • Established Leader
    As the leading global development institution focused on the private sector, IFC helps countries foster conditions conducive to private investment and connects other investors to the opportunities that we create. We have the oldest and largest syndication program among multilateral development banks. IFC’s Syndicated Loans and Mobilization Department is an established leader in attracting funding for critical development projects. 
  • Strong Results and Impact
    Over the past 60 years, we have successfully raised over $90 billion in capital from our partners to help developing countries build critical infrastructure, expand manufacturing capacity, broaden access to finance, speed the adoption of new technologies, mitigate the risks of climate change and more—creating jobs and contributing to economic growth in communities across the globe.
  • A Global Investing Network
    We forge new partnerships with commercial banks, institutional investors, insurance companies, sovereign funds, and development institutions to enlarge the pool of responsible capital available to address the world’s most pressing challenges.  The IFC syndications program finds new ways to put private capital to work in places where it can have the greatest 
    impact—helping businesses grow, employees earn a living and families thrive.  
  • Innovative Products
    Our investment partners can participate in responsible investing opportunities through a broad set of innovative products.

Areas of Focus

IFC’s syndications platforms forge new partnerships with public and private investors to enlarge the pool of capital available to address the world’s most pressing challenges.

Local Currency Syndications

The unpredictability of currency markets exposes borrowers to significant foreign exchange risk if income arrives in one currency while financing comes in another.  IFC views local currency financing as a critical part of sustainable private sector investment and the growth of local capital markets.

Mobilization Thought Leadership

Mobilization activities are at the core of IFC's mission. Development banks use the term “mobilization” when talking about attracting additional capital to supplement investments that we make from our own balance sheets. .

Syndications in Fragile Markets

IFC has more than doubled its investments in fragile and conflict-affected situations (FCS) and International Development Association (IDA)-eligible countries during the last decade. We have pledged that, by 2030, 40 percent of our annual commitments will be in these markets.  

Sustainability, Green and Impact Syndications

Financial institutions are responding to the demands of their clients and shareholders to increase allocations to investments that deliver positive social, environmental, and economic impact. A growing number of market participants have begun to embed environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards into their lending decisions.

Syndications Products and Platforms

B Loans

Used by IFC for more than six decades, the B Loan has established the market standard for commercial bank participation in development loans.


MIGA Guarantees

We connect investors and sponsors with support from the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) to deepen and expand global capital markets and enable greater access to finance.

Credit Insurance

We’ve dramatically increased our usage of credit insurance to mobilize insurance companies on an unfunded basis and expand our ability to support entities in the financial sector.

Parallel Loans

Our parallel lending frameworks facilitate cooperation among development institutions and other like-minded private investors, streamlining the lending process for borrowers and investors alike.


Debt Securities Mobilization

We can supplement our own investments in issuers' debt securities with direct mobilization of third-party investors to provide a comprehensive private placement solution.


Portfolio Syndications

The Managed Co-Lending Portfolio Program (MCPP) uses a portfolio syndications approach that brings investors into impactful investments wherever we go – including the world’s poorest countries.