Sustainable Finance

IFC works with financial institutions to introduce environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards and risk management to their lending practices. This creates opportunities to channel finance to responsible companies and sustainable financial products.

We also work with regulators and stock exchanges to introduce ESG standards in emerging and developing markets—which can help address challenges beyond a company's ability or responsibility to solve alone.

Community of Learning

This knowledge-sharing network brings together financial institutions implementing the Equator Principles and other stakeholders working on sustainable banking practices.

Sustainable Banking and Finance Network (SBFN)

The Sustainable Banking and Finance Network (SBFN) is a unique community of financial sector regulators and banking associations from emerging markets committed to advancing sustainable finance. IFC participated in SBFN’s creation and currently serves as its secretariat, technical advisor and knowledge partner. 

A Financial Industry benchmark for determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk in  projects

The Equator Principles

IFC has played a pivotal role in establishing the Equator Principles—a sustainability framework that has become the environmental and social risk management standard in the financial industry. As a knowledge partner to the Equator Principles Association, IFC provides training, guidance, and advice to implementing banks. 

Global Map of Environmental and Social Risks in Agro-Commodity Production (GMAP)

GMAP is an online database displaying an interactive world map of environmental and social risks of 250 country-commodity combinations.  It can be used to assess and manage risks related to agro-commodity production in alignment with IFC's Environmental and Social Performance Standards.

Financial Institutions: Resources, Solutions and Tools (FIRST)

FIRST—Financial Institutions: Resources, Solutions and Tools—for Sustainability is a one-stop shop for financial institutions to learn about the benefits of environmental and social risk management and how to capture environmental business opportunities.

Environmental & Social Management (ESMS) System Diagnostic Tool for Financial Institutions (FIs)

This diagnostic tool allows FIs, institutional investors and asset managers to assess or self-assess the quality of an ESMS and benchmark it against IFC’s Performance Standard 1 and good market practices.