Sustainable Agribusiness

As developing countries' populations grow, demand for food rises, straining available resources such as land and water. Adopting sustainable production and resource efficiency practices is essential to meet this challenge.

IFC pursues commercially viable solutions and helps companies set benchmarks for responsible production in line with industry best practices. The initiatives we support enhance sustainability across the agribusiness value chain.

Agribusiness Commodities Roundtables

IFC is involved in several agribusiness commodity roundtables to advance environmentally and socially responsible business practices across supply chains. IFC is a member of the following:
A Financial Industry benchmark for determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk in  projects

Global Map of Environmental and Social Risks in Agro-Commodity Production (GMAP)

GMAP is an online database displaying an interactive world map of environmental and social risks of 250 country-commodity combinations.  It can be used to assess and manage risks related to agro-commodity production in alignment with IFC's Environmental and Social Performance Standards.