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Sustainable Infrastructure Advisory

IFC is raising the bar on how infrastructure businesses approach community development and engage local stakeholders.

In addition to financing, IFC offers advisory services that help its clients connect with the communities where they operate. Our work creates a foundation that enables communities and companies to share value and sustain good relationships.

IFC offers solutions to ensure development benefits are shared, specifically with women and youth. For example, IFC’s advisory work in supply chains creates jobs, develops skills, and stimulates local economies. Our work also includes Sustainability-Linked Financings coordination; community climate resilience; data, voice, and accountability; strategic community investment; local economic development; and government capacity building.

Find out more about Sustainable Infrastructure Advisory’s work on—a platform for best practices and community-industry links, featuring multimedia content by the World Bank Group and its partners.


Enhancing the Use of Social KPIs

Beyond Business as Usual: Social Metrics in Sustainability-Linked Finance

April 05, 2023

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Watch the replay of IFC's eclectic, high-energy, virtual gathering to meet infrastructure leaders, climate visionaries, government officials, impact investors, civil society champions, women change-makers, and youth influencers. Be inspired by musicians, artists, and cultural icons—all lending their unique perspectives to meet the Sustainable Development Goals and build a better world.

Watch the Replay here

With open data, frontline communities and companies can build climate resilience

Blog | | March 22, 2023

IFC, is working on ways to reverse this trajectory, by bringing together companies and communities to co-create effective climate solutions for a resilient and just transition.

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