Women and Online Learning in Emerging Markets

July 10, 2022

In recent years, technological advances have ushered in a new era of digitally enabled learning.  IFC estimates that the market for adult online learning will more than double by 2026. These trends highlight the need to understand if, and how, online platforms are serving learners in emerging markets, particularly women, who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

Women and Online Learning in Emerging Markets aims to fill this gap. The report, developed in partnership with Coursera, and the European Commission, shows how online platforms can support women in accessing job relevant courses and credentials to advance their employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Results indicate strong business and development impact for focusing on women learners:  One of the report’s key findings is that if participation gaps between women and men learners in emerging markets were closed, the value of the online learning market could grow up to an additional $14 billion by 2026. But the gains don’t stop at the company level: the study shows that one job is created for every 30 people trained online in the four focus countries studied: Egypt, India, Mexico, and Nigeria.

As online learning continues to grow and shape the future of education, this data-driven research can inspire online learning platforms, governments, and companies across the EdTech sector to reach out to women learners and to work together to achieve gender parity.


Executive Summary (English)
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Egypt  — Country Deep Dive (Arabic)

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