Employee Resource Groups at IFC

Employee-led groups working to advance the organization, build its culture, and provide employees with safe spaces to connect, learn, and grow.

IFC’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-led groups working to advance the organization, build its culture, and provide employees with safe spaces to connect, learn, and grow. IFC has four official groups open to any member of staff.

Beyond the ERGs listed below, IFC participates in the World Bank Group's Disability Advocacy and Resource Employee Group (DARE) to further build a space for staff members with disabilities and advocate for the interests of this community.

Our FY23 DEI Annual Report shares more on the work of our ERG teams and how they contribute to our DEI efforts.

IFC Millennial+ Resource Group (MRG+)

The Millennial+ Resource Group is led by millennial staff who volunteer their time to support generational diversity and inclusion within IFC. Launched in 2016, the MRG+ works to:

  • Provide a platform for millennials and non-millennials (millennials+) to contribute ideas and feedback on corporate initiatives and issues that emerge in the corporation, formally and informally.
  • Act as a bridge between IFC’s DEI Council, IFC Human Resources and other youth-focused groups and millennials+ staff from regional offices as well as headquarters.
  • Support IFC’s DEI efforts to engage with and strengthen IFC’s millennial+ talent pipeline.
  • Foster an environment for inclusion and multi-generational collaboration across IFC.
  • Innovate, incubate, and pilot new initiatives by millennials+ and for millennials+.
  • Foster dialogue, improve work culture, and transfer institutional knowledge via newsletters, events, networking opportunities, and cross-organizational engagements.

IFC African Descent Alliance (IFC ADA)

IFC’s ADA group launched in 2019 and is comprised of a community of staff with a shared interest in:

  • Providing equal opportunity and leveraging talents, ideas, skills, experience, and network of professionals of African descent at IFC.
  • Promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace where staff can realize their full potential, innovate, and contribute to IFC’s strategy.

The group’s work centers around four key pillars: (1) recruitment, (2) retention, (3) training and development, and (4) Africa/Caribbean Upstream Business Opportunities. This fourth pillar provides a venue for the review of strategies, products and new market opportunities specific to Africa and the Caribbean. It also serves as a forum to provide increased awareness and cultural appreciation for these areas, and a place for employees from these areas to meet one another.


IFC GLOBE is a network for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGTB+) staff and consultants, and is open to all IFC employees regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Incorporated in 2012, IFC GLOBE works to:

  • Advocate for policies and practices related to LGBT+ diversity, including regarding benefits, mobility, visibility, and response to discrimination and harassment.
  • Build and strengthen social and professional connections between LGBT+ colleagues and allies in and outside the WBG.
  • Network with other IFC ERGs to enhance further collaboration and ensure best practices.
  • Explore opportunities to insert LGBT+ prospective to IFC operations and investments, addressing disproportionate poverty amongst LGBT+ communities.
  • Increase visibility across the corporation through cross-group initiatives and communications that promote LGBT+ equality globally.

IFC Women’s Network

The IFC Women's Network is for IFC staff who have a shared interest in the recruitment, development, and retention of a diverse talent pool for IFC. The network has regional chapters with a shared vision in Asia, LAC and Africa. Incorporated in 2002, it is the oldest ERG and is open to all staff – male and female. The group works to:

  • Advocate and promote women within the IFC.
  • Increase visibility for women across the enterprise through events, networking, communications and training programs and opportunities.
  • Build and strengthen social and personal connections for members across all facets of the business.