ClimateBiz | Episode 9

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APRIL 25, 2019

Coffee Break—A Conversation with Nespresso

Learn why companies across the agricultural sector are paying more attention to the sustainability of their supply chains


From shade trees to weather index microinsurance for smallholder farmers, agribusinesses are taking action on climate change. Guillaume Le Cunff, Nespresso USA President and CEO of the Nespresso Sustainability Innovation Fund, joins ClimateBiz to discuss Nespresso’s carbon footprint and how to make coffee production as a whole more sustainable as well as more resilient to climate impacts. Companies across the agricultural sector—as well as their investors—are paying more attention to the sustainability of their supply chains.



Views expressed here are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of IFC.

Guillaume Le Cunff

President of Nespresso USA and CEO of Nespresso Sustainability Innovation Fund

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Alzbeta Klein

Director and Global Head of Climate Business, IFC

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Podcast Hosts

Marcene Mitchell
Senior Manager, Climate Business and Strategy, IFC 

Shari Friedman
Senior Strategist, IFC



This podcast was made possible by the generous support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands.