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One of the biggest risk management challenges currently facing project developers in emerging markets is the appropriate assessment and management of cumulative impacts and risks related to their business activities. Factors such as climate change and unpredictability of climate patterns, increasing and competing water use demands, decline of species biodiversity, degradation of ecosystem services, and changing socio-economic circumstances all add complexity to risk assessment and management. Potential system-wide consequences resulting from the combination of individual effects of multiple actions overtime are particularly important to understand better.


IFC helps companies and governments to consider the cumulative impacts of hydropower projects from a broad, basin-wide perspective that includes planned upstream and downstream developments. Our cumulative impact assessment (CIA) work in the hydropower sector spans from Lao PDR, to Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan. In Lao PDR, we are embarking on the first CIA of the renewable energies sector in 2018.


This page shares resources and tools related to CIAs in the hydropower sector.

 IFC Good Practice Handbook on Cumulative Impact Assessment and Management: Guidance for the Private Sector in Emerging Markets

Available in English Language / Lao Language




Presentations from Training Course on Cumulative Impacts of Hydropower Projects
January 23-24, 2018

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in Nepal

Environmental and Social Impact Assessments and Cumulative Impact Assessments

IFC Good Practice Handbook on Cumulative Impact Assessments: Six-step Approach

Moving from a Project-level to River Basin-level Cumulative Impact Assessment: Trishuli River Case Study

Cumulative Impact Assessment Step 4: Assess Impacts on VECs

Case Study: Gulpur Hydropower Project, Pakistan

Cumulative Impact Assessments: Determining the Significance of Impacts



Gulpur Hydropower Project: Cumulative Impact Assessment