To address the business and regulatory requirements of specific types of partners, IFC has developed several unique MCPP structures. Collectively, these structures have raised more than $11 billion from 11 different participants.

Trust Funds

For public sector entities, IFC can set up a dedicated Trust Fund to hold the investor’s funds. IFC signs the loan agreements with borrowers twice—once for its own account and once as “implementing entity” of the Trust Fund.

B Loans

Private sector investors can establish an investment vehicle and contract with IFC to originate transactions. IFC lends for its own account and the investment vehicle participates in the form of a modified B Loan.

Credit Insurance

Unfunded structures can be used to provide IFC with credit insurance or unfunded risk participations. IFC lends for its own account and one or more insurance companies provide credit coverage on a portion of the loan.

Current MCPP Participants