IFC in Ukraine

Ukraine needs almost $500bn to recover from damages caused by Russia’s invasion. Private sector can cover 1/3 of reconstruction needs, remains key to economic resilience.

IFC's Response to Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

As part of the broader World Bank Group’s response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, in December 2022 IFC launched a $2 billion package to support the Ukrainian private sector.

While initially focusing on short-term support like guarantees and liquidity, IFC is now shifting towards longer-term financing, including capital investment in key areas such as food production, construction materials, energy, shipping, and digital infrastructure.

IFC’s Economic Resilience Action (ERA) program for Ukraine


Commitments as of June 2024

  • $1.4 Billion
    in financing
  • including $800 million commitments from IFC’s own account and $600 million mobilized from partners and donors.

Private Sector Opportunities for a Green and Resilient Reconstruction in Ukraine

Featured Report

The World Bank Group’s report developed in cooperation with Ukraine’s government, assesses the potential for private financing to meet Ukraine’s reconstructions needs under both a status quo scenario and a scenario with reforms and other sectoral interventions.


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