IFC in Ukraine

As part of the broader World Bank Group’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, IFC has launched a $2 billion package to support the Ukrainian private sector.

IFC Stands with Ukraine and its People

"Ukraine's private sector, which generated 60 to 70 percent of GDP in 2021, continues to provide jobs and deliver essential goods and services amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine. But its needs are enormous, and the international community needs to support it now so we can preserve its productive capacity for the future."

— Makhtar Diop, Managing Director, IFC


IFC's Response to Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

As part of the broader World Bank Group’s response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, IFC launched a new $2 billion package to support the Ukrainian private sector.

IFC’s Economic Resilience Action (ERA) program will provide an operational framework for IFC’s near-term investments and advisory work. The $2 billion response package includes finance from IFC’s own account working alongside guarantees from donor governments.  

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Featured Report

Private Sector Opportunities for a Green and Resilient Reconstruction in Ukraine

The World Bank Group’s report identifies opportunities for private finance to support Ukraine’s reconstruction and outlines reforms and other policy actions needed to unlock private sector potential.

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IFC’s Economic Resilience Action Program for Ukraine

The Economic Resilience Action (ERA) will provide a framework for IFC to address the private sector financing needs during Russia's invasion of Ukraine and prepare for the reconstruction phase. Under the proposed platform IFC will predominantly focus financing on resilience - it will also grow its upstream and advisory program to support reconstruction, in close coordination with the World Bank.