The Africa CEO Forum

The largest annual gathering of the private sector in Africa

Each year, the Africa CEO Forum brings together more than 2,000 African and international captains of industry, public decision-makers and leading visionaries to debate the continent’s most pressing priorities and set its business agenda.

The time to chart the course to a new future for Africa is now. A future in which the African private sector will be empowered to capitalise on the continent’s diverse comparative advantages; from consumer markets buoyed by strong demographic growth to leveraging its natural resources to become a pillar of the global energy transition.

In Kigali, the 2024 Africa CEO Forum called on its community to shape this new future and set in motion four key transformative agendas: Leadership, Digital, Integration and Financing.

The Africa CEO Forum 2024 was held in Kigali, Rwanda on the 16 & 17 May.


Since the Africa CEO Forum was founded a decade ago, the notion that the private sector should be the engine of African growth has been firmly anchored in the minds of policymakers. With the continent’s share of global FDI tripling over that period, the massive flows into logistics, infrastructure, agribusiness, financial services, real estate, and many other high-performing sectors have unleashed African business champions.

With a steadfast commitment to promoting sustainable economic growth and reducing poverty, IFC has been at the forefront of empowering businesses and entrepreneurs across the continent.

As a co-sponsor of the Africa CEO Forum, IFC leverages this influential gathering to catalyze private sector investment and to foster economic development in Africa. The forum serves as a dynamic hub for networking, knowledge sharing, and exploring investment opportunities, making it an ideal platform to showcase its commitment to Africa's private sector growth.

Moreover, IFC actively collaborates with governments, regulatory bodies, and industry associations to create an enabling business environment in Africa. By advocating for reforms, promoting good governance practices, and encouraging sustainable business models, we aim to foster an ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurship and attracts investment.


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