ESG Policies and Standards

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IFC plays a critical role in helping to raise standards for sustainability-driven business.

IFC’s approach to sustainability is governed by IFC’s Sustainability Framework and our Corporate Governance methodology. They are designed to help IFC’s clients improve their business performance, enhance transparency, engage with the people affected by the projects IFC finances, protect the environment, and achieve greater development impact.

The Performance Standards have had a major positive impact on raising standards among private sector companies in the developing world. In the last decade alone, IFC estimates that investments totaling $4.5 trillion across emerging markets have adhered to IFC’s Performance Standards or principles inspired by them. We use our Corporate Governance Methodology to help companies operate more efficiently, improve access to capital, mitigate risk, and safeguard against mismanagement.

Sustainability Framework

IFC’s Sustainability Framework – comprised of the Sustainability Policy, Performance Standards, and Access to Information Policy – articulates the organization’s strategic commitment to sustainable development. 

Sustainability Policy

Describes IFC’s sustainability commitments, roles and responsibilities, collaboration with partners and specific initiatives on governance and disclosure. 

Environmental & Social Performance Standards

IFC’s eight Performance Standards describe our clients' responsibilities for managing environmental and social risks. 

Access to Information Policy

The Access to Information Policy describes the scope of information IFC makes publicly available.

Direct complaints sustainability

E&S Stakeholder Grievance Response

IFC has developed an approach to receive and respond to E&S complaints, with an emphasis on early and proactive resolution. IFC assigns a case officer to each complaint to help facilitate communication and resolution. 

Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines

Referred to in the Performance Standards, the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Guidelines are technical reference documents that cover both general and industry-specific Good International Industry Practice.

Access EHS Guidelines

 Corporate Governance Methodology

The Methodology provides an approach to evaluate and improve a company’s governance, including environmental and risk management.

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