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Thought Leadership

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IFC works to spread awareness of innovative investments, business practices, and industry best practices that help the private sector fulfill its critical role in supporting universal health coverage goals.

Ethical Principles in Health Care (EPiHC)

EPiHC is helping to build transparent, resilient health systems through a set of shared principles that promote ethical decision making and behavior

IFC Health Webisode Series

In this new webisode series, IFC explores what’s needed to create a sustainable and efficient market for medical technology in emerging markets. The series features four companies that have increased the availability of quality and affordable medtech devices. Industry leaders will share lessons learned and best practices for building successful medical technology companies that can positively impact access and quality to healthcare where it’s needed most. This webisode series will be hosted by IFC Senior Industry Specialist Zhendong Song and Global Sector Lead Medtech Carla Ricchetti.