Women and Ride-Hailing

How can emerging digital transportation models improve women’s economic participation and mobility? Starting with Driving Toward Equality, the first global report on women and ride-hailing, IFC has built a portfolio of research and advisory services exploring how ride-hailing firms can increase representation of women drivers and better serve women riders. Since, new country-specific reports with global partners and deep-dives into emerging topics, such as women-only transport, continue to move forward the debate on how ride-hailing can support women’s ability to work and move freely. 

Event Replays

Women and Ride-Hailing in Sri Lanka

December 10, 2020

Watch to know how ride-hailing firms can play a key role in bridging gender gaps. Safe, affordable & accessible transport is essential for a gender-inclusive recovery from COVID19. By designing for women, the ride-hailing industry can keep driving equality. 

Freedom to Move: Ride-Hailing

December 9, 2020

What role are women playing in the ride-hailing market? Can ride-hailing improve women’s mobility and work opportunities? From addressing safety to designing new products, hear about the results of three global studies and share in a discussion of practical challenges and solutions from Uber, Bolt, and PickMe. 

Freedom to Move: Navigating the Debate on Segregated Transport

November 24, 2020

Does offering segregated transport for women effectively address the wider problem of sexual harassment and assault, or does it only reinforce the very norms that underpin the problem?  


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