Focus Area

Disruptive Techologies and Gender Equality

Disruptive technologies can play a key role in closing gaps in global development. However, relatively little research details how women and other underserved communities are using emerging technologies, or how firms can thrive by ensuring emerging tools meet their needs and are accessible and affordable for all.

IFC works with investees, partners, and stakeholders around the world to close knowledge gaps in inclusive technologies and to build best practices for the global tech sector.


This IFC-led initiative brought together 17 leading technology companies to boost opportunities for women in emerging markets.

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Thought Leadership Initiatives

IFC works to measure and analyze gaps in how women and underserved populations are utilizing emerging technologies. Through collaborative research with leading technology firms, our work helps to lower barriers for women as employees, entrepreneurs, customers and leaders in the digital economy.

Women and E-commerce

E-commerce is thriving in Africa and Southeast Asia, but are women entrepreneurs able take advantage of this burgeoning sector?

Women and Ride Hailing

How can emerging digital transportation models improve women’s economic participation and mobility?

Women and Online Learning

From micro-credentials to the gamification of learning, e-learning can lower costs and increase access. Are women left behind?

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Disruptive Technologies Lead
Evangelia Tsiftsi
Communications Specialist, Gender and Economic Inclusion
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