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Low Income and Fragile Economies

International Development Association's Private Sector Window

The International Development Association’s (IDA) Private Sector Window was launched in 2017 to catalyze private sector investment in the poorest and most fragile countries. Recognizing the key role of the private sector in creating jobs and promoting economic transformation, the window provides a source of co-investment funding and guarantees to de-risk private investments supported by IFC and the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA).

IDA PSW Blended Finance Facilities

The IDA PSW is deployed through four facilities – three managed by IFC and one by MIGA:

  • Blended-Finance Facility to mitigate various financial risks by providing loans, equity, and guarantees to pioneering IFC investments across sectors with high development impact
  • Local-Currency Financing Facility for markets with limited currency hedging capabilities
  • Risk-Mitigation Facility to provide project-based guarantees—focusing on infrastructure or public-private partnership (PPP) projects – without sovereign backing
  • A MIGA Guarantee Facility to expand coverage of MIGA guarantees from the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)

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Competitive Tenders and Open Access Approach

Transparency and good governance are essential to the effective and efficient use of concessional resources. For the IDA Private Sector Window, IFC ensures open and, where possible, competitive approaches to the allocation of IDA PSW funds to infrastructure projects that are similar to public-concession situations. IFC also follows an “open access” approach under the IDA PSW, which aims to broaden IFC's client base. An example of this approach is IFC’s Small Loan Guarantee Program


Competitive Tenders in Blended Finance Projects: This refers to a situation where all bidders in a competitive tender are informed in advance of the tender of the potential availability of blended concessional finance (BF). Subsequently, specific BF terms (e.g., BF amount, concessional price range etc.) are provided to all pre-qualified bidders eligible for IFC financing.

Open Access to Blended Finance: “Open Access” to concessional funds provides transparency for eligible companies to access concessional finance without distorting markets or preferential allocation to select companies. This applies in cases where a market or project situation may not be conducive for a competitive tender process, but all eligible companies may access similar levels of concessional funding and terms as other companies in the same market.

Open Access Projects and Programs Supported by Blended Concessional Finance

The Africa Medical Equipment Facility

This is a risk-sharing facility established by IFC in partnership with local participating financial institutions and original equipment manufacturers to support access to loans and leases for small and medium-sized healthcare providers to acquire medical equipment in countries such as Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Base of the Pyramid Facility

IFC’s Base of the Pyramid Facility is a $600 million global financing facility to help financial services providers deliver funding to small businesses, informal enterprises, and low-income households—supporting economic growth, job creation, and a resilient recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Africa Trade Recovery Initiative (ATRI)

ATRI is a programmatic approach that provides funding and/or risk mitigation, indirectly through financial institutions or directly to importers and exporters throughout Africa. The platform is open to existing and new clients in an effort to address the significant trade finance gap in Africa.

Small Loan Guarantee Program (SLGP) European Commission (EC) and IDA PSW

SLGP EC/PSW uses a mechanism to pool together a portfolio of IFC risk-sharing facilities with IFC’s partner financial institutions to encourage them to expand their small and medium enterprises lending portfolio. This is the first collaboration between IDA, IFC and EC. IFC leverages the program to spur business development with existing and new clients based on lessons learned from SLGP over the last few years.


Philipp Hauger
Senior Operations Officer
Erin Elizabeth Baldwin