Case Study

Stories of Success in Education: Nexford University

July 8, 2024


In 2022, IFC provided its first financing to Nexford, a next-generation online university with a mission to expand access to high-quality and affordable education that aligns with market demand. This was followed by a second round of funding in 2023, helping Nexford University broaden its range of program offerings across geographies and scale its technology infrastructure.

These investments by IFC have played a pivotal role in Nexford University’s rapid expansion across Africa and beyond while supporting organizations and regional economies to address emerging talent gaps. With nearly 6,000 enrolled students in 110 countries, Nexford University is empowering learners from across the globe with industry-relevant education – supporting them to launch impactful global careers and make a difference.

Through this collaboration, Nexford University enhances greater social and economic mobility for people everywhere – irrespective of location, gender, or social class.