Case Study

Stories of Success in Education: Lottus

February 6, 2024

Transforming Higher Education in Mexico

IFC has partnered with Lottus Education to redefine higher education in Mexico, focusing on inclusivity and employability for low- and middle-income students. Lottus Education embarked on its mission with the acquisition of Universidad Tres Culturas (UTC), growing into the third largest for-profit educational institution in Mexico. With a network of 37 campuses and a reach extending to 94,000 students, nearly a third of whom attend classes remotely, Lottus has significantly expanded access to quality education across the country.

The partnership with IFC has been instrumental in Lottus Education's rapid growth and transformation. IFC's involvement provided not only financial investment but also strategic advisory services that were crucial for enhancing digital infrastructure and broadening educational access. This collaboration has propelled Lottus towards achieving impressive expansion and digital innovation.

Through initiatives like IFC’s Vitae program and partnerships with over 800 companies, Lottus ensures that students are prepared to enter the workforce. This focus on practical, job-relevant skills, coupled with the company's efforts to maintain affordability and quality, illustrates a comprehensive approach to tackling the challenges of higher education in Mexico.