Market Movers: Lessons from a Frontier of Innovation

Market Movers: Lessons from a Frontier of Innovation [PDF]

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Market Movers: Lessons from a Frontier of InnovationCompanies from emerging economies are increasingly making their presence felt in the global business community. Not only are they acquiring more and more companies in the developed world, but they are also pursuing strategies that are highly competitive with those of established businesses in western markets.


"Market Movers: Lessons from a Frontier of Innovation" explores whether such emerging economy firms are also managing to embed sustainability in their business strategies in ways that stand comparison with companies anywhere else in the world. It tells the stories of four firms ranging across the globe from Beijing to Sao Paulo — in many cases operating in some of the most challenging environments in which to foster commercial success – and how they have found business value in strategies based on sustainability.


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  • Case Study 1: Amanco [PDF]
    Amanco, a Latin American water pipe manufacturer that decided to develop a new water-tight technology and cater to low-income customers.
  • Case Study 2: Deqingyuan [PDF]
    Deqingyuan, an ambitious Chinese entrepreneur who supplies high-quality eggs in Beijing.
  • Case Study 3: Jubilant Organosys [PDF]
    Jubilant Organosys, an Indian chemical producer that has been able to reassure and attract investors with its high environmental, health, and safety record and efficient sustainability reporting.
  • Case Study 4: MAS Holdings [PDF]
    MAS Holdings, a Sri Lankan apparel manufacturer that increased the retention of its mostly female employees by offering them benefits, including training courses in information technology. The company is now a supplier to some of the world's leading retailers.


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