CDC - Implementing ESG – For PE Fund Managers

Event Title: Implementing ES in the PE Fund Investment Cycle

Sector: Cross Sector  

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Date(s): June 19, 2017

Format: Face-to-face

Sponsoring organization(s): CDC, Norfund

Cost (if applicable): N/A


As a result of this event, participants will:

  • Be better acquainted with international ES standards and expectations placed on PE funds by DFI investors
  • Understand more about the business case for integrated ES decision making
  • Have a better understanding of how E&S decision making works in the investment process of PE funds

Target Audience:

This training is geared toward E&S officers and investment staff at PE funds; those with 5+ years of experience. A basic familiarity with E&S issues facing businesses in Africa and Asia is expected.

Those with advanced technical understanding of IFC Performance Standards are encouraged to attend the session on 22nd June.

Space Availability

Limited availability – primary audience is CDC/ Norfund backed fund managers. To confirm if there is space available for your clients or consultants, contact

Kindly do not share information with your contacts until you’ve confirmed space is available. 

For more information: For more information on this event, contact