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Sustainable Banking Network – Global Progress Report

Sustainable Bankng Network (SBN) Global Progress Report, February 2018


Full Report: Sustainable Banking Network – Global Progress Report (February 2018)

SBN Global Progress Report Executive Summary

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Country Progress Reports


Bangladesh requires all banks to evaluate environmental and social risks and monitors their compliance and sustainability performance. [Photo by Dominic Chavez / World Bank]


Brazil is one of few countries where financial flows to green sectors are monitored and have been publicly disclosed since 2013. [Photo by Mariana Ceratti / World Bank]


In China, the 21 largest banks have adopted E&S risk management practices and “green” financing projects now make up approximately 9% of these banks’ portfolios. [Photo by Curt Carnemark / World Bank]
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Colombia’s Green Protocol requires banks to implement an E&S review and monitoring process to screen and categorize projects and monitor risks accordingly. [Photo by Dominic Chavez / IFC]


Indonesia is driving sustainable finance beyond the banking sector to introduce sustainable practices across the financial system, including pension funds and insurance. [Photo by Asrian Mirza / ILO]


Kenya Bankers Association has used a dedicated platform to train 80% of bank employees on sustainable banking practices. [Photo by Flore de Preneuf / World Bank]


All banks in Mongolia have pledged to apply the Mongolian Sustainable Finance Principles for agriculture, mining, manufacturing and construction. [Photo by Stephan Bachenheimer / World Bank]


Nigeria’s financial institutions are required to disclose their E&S policies and performance on a biannual basis. [Photo by Arne Hoel / World Bank]

South Africa

South Africa is currently developing a comprehensive sustainable finance initiative covering the entire financial sector, led by the National Treasury. [Photo by Warrenski / Creative Commons]


Vietnam provides specific guidance to banks on managing E&S risks in 10 high-risk sectors. [Photo by Mai Ky / World Bank]