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Emerging Markets Corporate Governance Research Network

To promote the corporate governance policy agenda in emerging markets and transition economies, IFC has supported and endorsed a network of leading academics under the auspices of its Emerging Markets Corporate Governance Research Network.

The aim of the network is to raise the academic quality of research on CG in emerging markets, to foster international exchange among scholars in all regions and to enhance the dialogue of researchers with policy makers and the private sector. Activities of the network include conferences, workshops, interviews with leading academics, and sharing of papers and data.

Currently, the Network is chaired by Prof. Stijn Claessens of University of Amsterdam and coordinated by Melsa Ararat, Director of Corporate Governance of Turkey and professor at Sabanci University, with the support of Burcin Yurtoglu, professor at the Otto Beisheim School of Management.

The First 10 Years of the Emerging Markets Corporate Governance Research Network (EMCGN) Report


Activity Reports

The Network organizes biannual international academic conferences where the forthcoming issues in corporate governance are identified and broad lessons of corporate governance in developing countries are drawn. The conferences include policy makers and practitioners.

Synthesis Report: 6th International Conference on Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, July 5-6, 2018

Synthesis Report: 5th International Conference on Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets, Leipzig, Germany, September 25-26, 2015

Synthesis Report:  4th International Conference on Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets, Hyderabad, India, August 23-24, 2013

Synthesis Report: 3rd International Conference on Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets, Seoul, Korea, June 28-29, 2011

Synthesis Report: 2nd International Conference on Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets, Sao Paulo, Brazil, July 2009


Corporate Governance Insights Interview Series

Top corporate governance experts report on the latest research in emerging markets: 

Simon Deakin: For emerging markets, the corporate governance starting point is anti-corruption and rule of law

Randall Morck: The connection between powerful independent directors and shareholder valuations

Igor Filatotchev: How can emerging market companies enhance their valuation by foreign investors?

Bernard Black: Do investors in emerging market companies care about corporate governance?

Renee Adams: Are women decision makers more risk averse than their male counterparts?

Colin Mayer: With the right governance system, corporations can be a powerful catalyst for poverty reduction and economic development in emerging markets

Prabirjit Sarkar: Does English and American-style corporate governance translate to emerging markets?

Viral V. Acharya: Political influence on state-owned enterprises: the true obstacle to private sector growth in emerging markets?

Bruce Kogut: Understanding cultural and social forces is crucial to improving corporate governance

Yishay Yafeh: When and How to Control the Influence of Family-Owned Business Groups

Kee-Hong Bae: Do Foreign Investors Improve Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets

Franklin Allen: Governance Model with Sole Focus on Shareholder Value Might Not Be the Optimal Way Forward

Joseph Fan: Good Governance of Family-owned Businesses Is Critical to Emerging Market Economies

October 2018