Women and E-commerce: A $300 Billion Market Opportunity

E-commerce is thriving in Africa and Southeast Asia- but are women entrepreneurs able take advantage of this burgeoning sector?

To address this question, IFC leveraged data from Digital2Equal members Jumia and Lazada, among the largest e-commerce platforms in Africa and Southeast Asia respectively, to publish the first large-scale research on women and e-commerce. Women and E-commerce in Africa and Women and E-commerce in Southeast Asia show for the first time to what extent women are participating on and succeeding in online commerce and how the COVID-19 pandemic changed the e-commerce landscape.

The reports also find an additional $280 billion would be added to the value of the Southeast Asian e-commerce market and $14.5 billion to the African e-commerce market between 2025 and 2030 if gender gaps were closed- an opportunity to put nearly $300 billion in the hands of women entrepreneurs.