IFC's overall contribution to SDGs in SSA Region in calendar year 2019


14.6 billion USD towards Microfinance and SME loans
1.2 billion USD in Annual Payments to Government

36.7 million people reached with infrastructure services (of which 32.5m in power generation and distribution, 4.2m in telecoms, 10 thousand in water distribution)
7.7 million Microfinance and SME loans
7.9 million Patients served
0.25 million Farmers reached
456,411 Students reached – 237,517 Women

2 million containers operated

217,045 Jobs supported – 65,042 Women

IFC's Priorities in SSA Region

For over five decades, IFC has delivered more than $25 billion in financing, mobilized investments from partners, and provided advisory services in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our investments across a range of sectors help drive the region’s development forward. We collaborate with other World Bank Group institutions to support agriculture, power, job creation, health, education, and capital markets. Our priorities include bridging the infrastructure gap, helping build productive industries, and fostering inclusive business approaches.

IFC aims to help Africa build a modern economy with ports, railways, telecoms, and power by attracting private expertise, management and finance while maintaining the right balance between private and public interests.

IFC helps advance financial inclusion through investments in the financial sector, advisory services to investment clients and other private sector clients, and through advisory services to stakeholders in financial infrastructure. In order to reach Universal Financial Access by 2020, IFC is committed to extend formal financial services to 600 million people, and many of our focus countries are on the African continent.

In Africa, IFC is pursuing investments in agribusiness value chains, recognizing that 60 percent of Africans derive their livelihoods from agriculture. IFC is helping encourage modern retail in the food sector, increase exports, and improve yields, and support commodity exchanges and financial institutions dedicated to serving farmers and agribusiness enterprises.