IFC's overall contribution to SDGs in SA Region in calendar year 2019


64.3 billion USD towards Microfinance and SME loans
3.3 billion USD in Annual Payments to Government

137.0 million people reached with infrastructure services (of which 125.5m in telecoms, 11.5m in power generation and distribution)
26.2 million Microfinance and SME loans
20.5 million Patients served
1.0 million Farmers reached
63,990 Students reached

1.2 million containers operated

387,177 Jobs supported – 106,836 Women

IFC's Priorities in SA Region

IFC promotes inclusive growth in South Asia by improving infrastructure and financial services, and by supporting the expansion of smaller businesses.

IFC makes strategic investments and advisory interventions across India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives, to promote inclusive growth, help address climate change impacts, and encourage global and regional integration.

Close to 500 million people across South Asia are not connected to the grid. IFC is working to improve critical infrastructure and invest in clean energy solutions that also enable better regional integration.

IFC has launched two large offshore and onshore programs in India, mobilizing international capital markets to support infrastructure development. We are deepening capital markets for other countries including Bangladesh and introducing thematic bonds in the region.

Over 650 million people are unbanked in South Asia. IFC is tapping opportunities to enhance access to financial services and leveraging innovative technology solutions to extend financial inclusion.

Bangladesh’s garment sector accounts for 20 percent of the country’s GDP and employs over 4 million people. IFC is helping facilitate investments, improve construction and fire safety, labor and environmental standards, and establish the conditions for it to grow in a sustainable way.

Every month, one million people enter South Asia’s work force. IFC’s investments in financial institutions supports small and medium enterprises and help build skills through our knowledge tools such as the Business Edge and the SME Toolkit.