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Sumama Mehmood Mirza

Engineer with the energy division of Engro, a long-time IFC partner.



I grew up in Faisalabad, and graduated from NUST as a chemical engineer in 2012.  I had an internship experience during school where I was very disappointed - I had felt like a cog in the wheel. But I knew that Engro was different. It is the only company I applied to for a job because Engro  imparts power to their employees by giving them responsibility. My father is in the construction business. I never cared to join the family business because of the people you have to deal with. It is not always clean business. When I got the job at Engro I was ecstatic.



I  started here in  2012 as a trainee operational engineer, where I was responsible for combined power plant operations. I was permanent contractor within a year. Now I'm an operations general engineer.  In 12-15 years I see myself as a senior manager with Engro.



It was a very exciting time for me because I was responsible for the day-to-day operations I had to take on new responsibilities and there was little room for error.  With conventional gas you have lots of room for error. But with liquefied natural gas (LNG) we had to monitor flows to a third decimal place.  As an engineer it is as if I grew from being a car driver to a car designer.  This project has given me immense job satisfaction.



LNG is a game changer for energy deficient countries and so will be a popular solution for many developing nations- and my career prospects open up for any country that is looking to bring in LNG.