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Mohamed Saleem

Construction worker with Metro Power, an IFC client.



My father was a fisherman but by the time I grew up he was just sitting at home. I moved to Karachi and began apprenticing as a welder after school. I was there for almost a dozen years doing menial work. There were no other opportunities for me. I applied once to be a forest officer but there were 108 applicants and only four spots.



 In 2011,  (wind power) plants started cropping up near my home and so we were trained and started working with bigger companies. It feels good to work now on large projects and not work for daily wages, but as a salaried employee.  I have two brothers in this plant also working as welders.



This site cares about workplace safety, which I have not experienced before. It's almost 100 percent safe for us and I'm fully insured.  Mostly people who work with me are as well. The organization teaches these people proper safety. In my last project, at another site, a man was unharnessed and fell from 30 feet up.



I have three kids. I want to educate them so they have a better future.  So many people don't send their children to school. "What is the point?" they say. But education is important because it opens the mind.