Galina Lednevskaya

Chair of homeowner's association and client of IFC partner Center-Invest Bank.

I am the third chair of our association. We realized that the building requires a lot of time and attention, and there should be someone able to serve full-time. I was unemployed at that time and, when the association’s board asked me to take this role, I decided to try. At the beginning, everything was hard to deal with. Heating, cleaning, keeping the courtyard in order. Everything required special attention. Today, we have a good team, and we value people who work hard to keep our building in shape.

My duties are not limited to the building. People are a focus too. My main goal is to make their living conditions comfortable and they value that. I never quarrel with our people. Even if they come to my office with a clearly visible desire to launch into a row. We are not foes and should find a way to cooperate. I say to myself: 'Don’t take it to heart. Maybe he or she had a bad day today. It will pass'.

We had a problem with sewage system. The building is big, and the pipes were cast-iron, thin and easy to clog. After a general meeting we applied for a loan at Center-Invest Bank. They processed everything very quickly and in just three months our sewage system was in perfect condition. 

The next big issue was water supply. Over the course of six months we had several leakages, which means wrangling between neighbors, investigations, independent assessments, unwanted renovations, even court cases. Again, I called a general meeting of homeowners and we decided to invest in our building once again, and renovate the entire water supply system. We already had a good credit history and Center-Invest bank approved our second three-year loan very quickly. Today, our water supply system is new and operational, and our monthly dues easily cover bank payments.

My working day is irregular. Something might happen at night or over the weekend. I am always on duty. At the beginning, my husband would join me if there were a need to go to basement at night. Today I know the entire building better than my own closet! Sometimes I feel tired and ready to quit. Then I think of my people, my loan, my plans… and realize that I like what I do.