Allah Dino

Wildlife monitor with Metro Power, an IFC client



We have been living on this land for generations. There are about 150 people in our community and most of them are illiterate. We have always been animal grazers and milk sellers. We are surviving in this harsh land. Me and my brother were the only educated ones. We both have our bachelors degree. We got jobs as teachers through a government program but then ... it ended.



When the Gul Ahmed wind power plant opened here, we were hired to monitor the bird and animal life in the area. (The company wanted) to see if they were being effected by the installations.



The natural life here includes teeter, batair, gorput, and geeders. We monitor their numbers, their movements, and their health.  We were trained to do this and supplied with books where we make our weekly reports. It feels good to put our education to good use.



Our community was completely unserved by the state. Gul Ahmed built a school for our children and there are medical facilities at the plant that we can use. Water was 20km away, but now we have several water pumps nearby.



A lot of the men in our village have started working at the plant as laborers. Where once we had nothing, there are now 12 motorbikes in our village. It is as if the world has come to us now.  A new roads means a steady stream of cargo trucks during the day. We are no longer cut off.