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As a global leader in private sector development, IFC works with experts to generate research, ideas, and analysis on the economics of private sector development. This space provides a global platform for fresh ideas on how the private sector can help address the most urgent challenges of development.

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Institutional Investing: A New Investor Forum and Growing Interest in Sustainable Emerging Markets Investments

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is estimated to require additional financing on the order of $2.6 trillion in emerging markets and low-income countries in 2030. A substantial increase in private investment is required to close this financing gap. The Investor Forum held at the 2018 G20 Buenos Aires Summit, which included some of the world’s largest investors, focussed on solutions to these challenges. The resulting Buenos Aires Call to Action calls for a more regular dialogue with policy makers at the highest level and underlines the need to break away from the short-termism that plagues current investment strategies. Read more


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