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As a global leader in private sector development, IFC works with experts to generate research, ideas, and analysis on the economics of private sector development. This space provides a global platform for fresh ideas on how the private sector can help address the most urgent challenges of development.

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Blended Concessional Finance: Scaling Up Private Investment in Lower-Income Countries

Blending funds from private investors with concessional funds from donors and philanthropic sources has a strong potential to scale up investment in lower-income countries and thereby accelerate development. The use of blended concessional finance is already prevalent in lower-income countries representing over 70 percent of IFC’s commitments. Recent strategies from development finance institutions including the World Bank Group indicate that the relative share of lower-income countries in the global mix of blended concessional finance will increase further. Scaling up engagements in lower-income countries requires solutions tailored to local contexts, as well as the deployment of the whole spectrum of development finance tools, including advisory work, regulatory dialogue and reform, and a mix of blending instruments encompassing both pricing and risk mitigation features. Read more


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