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As a global leader in private sector development, IFC works with experts to generate research, ideas, and analysis on the economics of private sector development. This space provides a global platform for fresh ideas on how the private sector can help address the most urgent challenges of development.

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Modelo Peru: A Mobile Money Platform Offering Interoperability Towards Financial Inclusion

Like most emerging markets, Peru suffers from low banking penetration and faces challenges to providing financial services. Beginning in 2015, a strategy called Modelo Peru emerged as a collaboration between financial institutions, telecom companies, and the government, with the goal of launching a mobile money platform to better serve the nation’s unbanked and underbanked. The platform’s main innovative feature is interoperability among these three groups to achieve scale and breed competition among e-money issuers. Read more


How Technology Creates Markets: Trends and Examples for Private Investors in Emerging Markets

Technological progress is often associated with the creation of novel and useful products through innovation and ingenuity. Yet in several emerging markets, including low-income economies, it is often more common to adopt, adapt, and scale technologies created elsewhere. Read more.



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