Country Private Sector Diagnostic (CPSD)

The Country Private Sector Diagnostic assesses opportunities for and constraints to private-sector led growth. Each CPSD includes an assessment of the state of the private sector, identification of near-term opportunities for private sector engagement, and recommendations of reforms and policy actions to mobilize private investment and drive solutions to key development challenges. By combining both economy-wide and sector-specific analysis of constraints, the CPSD helps to create a common analytical basis to shape policy dialogue and guide transformational private investment. Analysis and recommendations of the CPSD inform the World Bank Group’s country engagement process, as inputs to the IFC Country Strategy, the broader Systematic Country Diagnostic, and the Country Partnership Framework as well as WBG lending and advisory services.

IFC and other development finance institutions are working together to provide in-depth economic analyses that identify opportunities for the private sector to maximize development impact. The Country Diagnostic Platform, launched at the 2019 Spring Meetings, makes available diagnostic reports that identify these opportunities and obstacles to progress.

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Creating Markets in Eswatini: Country Private Sector Diagnostic

Creating Markets in Eswatini

The Eswatini Country Private Sector Diagnostic examines how Eswatini can grow its economy more inclusively, create jobs, and speed economic recovery from COVID-19 aftershocks and rising prices for food and fuel through private sector policy reforms and investments.

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