Postcards from the Hallways: Cocoa Co-Ops



Cocoa production is a mainstay of Cote d’Ivoire’s economy—generating income for thousands of small-scale farmers who supply local co-ops. But with limited financing options, the co-ops often rely on unreliable old trucks, making their collection process slow and inefficient.

In response, IFC, global commodity trader Cargill, and local lender Société Ivoirienne de Banque (SIB) set up an innovative risk-sharing facility that fills the financing gap. It lets the co-ops lease new trucks at the lowest interest rates that are commercially available, paying 10 percent upfront and deducting the rest from their monthly sales to Cargill over three years.

In the first year, 43 co-ops took part, leasing 78 new trucks that brought rapid efficiency gains to their members. “The costs that we have saved by not having to repair old trucks will help us pay for the new trucks,” says Sawadogo Moussa of the CINPA co-op.

The result: more opportunities for farmers, new clients for SIB, and a stronger supply chain for Cargill. It’s good news for Cote d’Ivoire—and chocolate lovers everywhere.


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IFC’s financing in the project is supported by the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program, a global initiative to increase agricultural productivity in low-income countries.

Building on this experience, IFC has introduced a similar risk-sharing model in Cameroon, increasing financing for small-scale producers of cassava and other crops.


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