International Symposium: Cities and the Role of Private Sector in Urban Solutions

The International Finance Corporation, in its role as Urban20 knowledge partner, will host the “International Symposium: Cities and the Role of Private Sector in Urban Solutions” during the Urban20 Summit. The event is hosted in partnership with C40 and will count with the participation of mayors, governors, representatives from governments, private sector companies, and organizations such as World Economic Forum, OECD, UCGL amongst others.

This symposium aims to discuss the relevant role that the private sector could play in the implementation of urban solutions, and how it could respond to the main challenges that cities with limited budgets are currently facing to close their infrastructure gap. It also aims to listen to the voice of the cities regarding these challenges, and how they are connecting the private sector to potential solutions, beyond making their projects bankable in benefit of their citizens. Meanwhile, the private sector is expected to share how it has partnered with the public sector in the implementation of urban solutions.

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During Urban20, this event will give the opportunity to go over the different solutions that cities may implement to reduce the urban infrastructure gap, improve the quality of life for their citizens and transform cities into the cities of the future. This event will add value and knowledge to the Urban20 agenda, and its conclusions and recommendations will enrich the documents that will be delivered to the G20.

With provocative panel debates, the event will discuss:

  • How Cities are leveraging the private sector to achieve their vision;
  • Why partnerships between private sector and cities can be a means to increase and improve impact; and,
  • How cities are identifying new sources of finance to meet their investment needs.


  • Deputy Mayor of Cali, Colombia
  • General Secretary of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Governor of West Java, Indonesia
  • Governor of Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Itochu, waste management in Serbia



English and Japanese (with simultaneous interpretation)



Ursula Blotte, IFC LAC Cities Program

Asami Takekida, IFC Tokyo Office


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